About Us

Binary Digital Media was started in 2014 by Pamela Orozco in response to continued requests for assistance outside of the normal job duties as a Marketing Experts at Facebook. 

The Leader

Pamela is a Facebook employee and has been since 2013. She first worked in the Start to Success program for small business as a Lead Generator and Client Partner, then in Facebook Go as an Account Manager before becoming a Marketing Expert in the new Market Experts program for small and midsize businesses.

In early 2015 the magnitude of Binary Digital Media began to grow that it became important for Pamela to become a certified Project Manager via Project+.  Past employers have included GoDaddy.com where she worked her way from customer support to Tier 2 support for Virtual and Dedicated server set-up and support.  Pamela continues to be employed by Facebook while working on a Digital Marketing Certification from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In 2017 she learned WordPress website development and management as well as Facebook Messenger Chatbot creation.

The Team

Binary Digital Media consists of multiple specialists who have become great additions to Pamela’s expertise. Their focuses include WordPress development, professional writing, graphic design, video production, and strategy consultants. All team members have been or are currently employed for 2 or more years with her at Facebook.

Our Vision

We want to support entrepreneurs in the diverse and volatile e-commerce marketplace.  We believe in open and honest communication, team collaboration and continual education.

company_vision_editedOur Brand Promise

To always implement the best in digital marketing and not follow fads.

Deliver a measurable result at a fair price.

Partner with you, our client, to develop a strategy you’ll feel great about.