What are the 3 Keys to Lead Generation?

1. Know thy target.

target-1311398It often amazes me how many clients I work with don’t know who their customers are.  You can’t sell your product to someone who is not interested.  For example, I can’t sell men, woman’s menstruation products. I mean yes, I could try.  I could tell them how US Vets take tampons into the battle-field as an emergency clotting device should they get shot. Or how survivalist carry them as emergency tinder to start fires in the wild. Despite those great use case scenarios, I am guessing that many men still would not be interested in buying a box. However, I could not blanket target all women on earth for woman’s menstruation products, either.  It turns out that only women of a certain age are likely to need my product.  So I should eliminate any women over 45 and under 18.  But we’re talking specifics here, I wouldn’t recommend that targeting if you were marketing tampons.  I’d want a subset of women who are most likely to want this, which could be athletic women or women who like to go to clubs, and thus would not like a bulky pad.

3. Offer something of value


It sounds complicated.  It’s not.  Give them something for free.  Everyone loves Free.

Amazingly what you give away is the most valuable for building relationships, especially with millennials.  Millenials are not complicated, despite what baby boomer marketing experts tell you.  They want the same things everyone older than them wants, someone to trust.

You may be thinking  you can’t write a whitepaper to give because that is not how your business model works.  You may be right.  Perhaps you’re in e-commerce retail sales for geek t-shirts and novelties.  Have you considered a lookbook on how to wear your fabulous merchandise?

Okay, maybe you don’t sell cool clothing.  Perhaps you sell puppy chow to high-end clients.  Why not offer them a blog where you share the latest trick your pooch has mastered?  Got a dog that can’t learn new tricks? Why not write a Dear Abby for dog training? Or offer advice on what works to stop a piddling puppy from ruining all your new carpet?

Oh, you offer a service like a real estate agent, lamy animalswyer, pool maintenance, power wash driveways, then share your knowledge!

As you can see you will be surprised on what you know and what your customers want to learn from you, the subject expert.

3. Follow up!

Nothing is more sinful than letting a potential customer contact go uncontacted.  You worked hard to find the right content to hook that potential customer. If you think that successful businesses only reach out once, your dead wrong.Dont-forget-to-call-me  You must contact your potential customer immediately.  Repeatedly. And for a good long time.  You should send emails as frequently as makes sense for your business.  Daily? Well, probably not that often, especially after the first week.  Marketing is only successful if you’re patient and persistent.

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