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Finding the right program for you.

There are all kinds of college programs that are available today for those seeking higher education and degrees in a wide variety of fields. The problem often lies in finding the type of education that is appropriate for your specific needs. We all learn best through different methods and identifying your learning method is a great way to understand what learning environment will work best for you.

The common learning environments

..for college level studies are the following: community colleges, universities, and online or distance learning opportunities. Community colleges tend to offer smaller classrooms with more discussion-oriented styles of learning and discourse. Universities tend to be more lecture oriented while distance and online learning opportunities are quite often self-directed learning opportunities that require a great deal of discipline in order to be successful.

When trying to identify

..the college that will work best for you, you should keep in mind your personal learning style. Beyond that you should also consider the type of environment you expect from your college education and the amount of time you wish to devote to the pursuit of your education and degree. Some people find that university life is far too distracting while others find that the solitude of online and distance learning is a distraction in and of itself.

You will find all kinds of cultural opportunities at a university that you will not find through home studies or on the community college level. For some students, these opportunities are icing on the cake and an important part of the learning experience as you delve into other cultures, art, music, and history. Others find these opportunities to be far too plentiful and far too distracting for their study needs. Whichever student you tend to be will make a huge difference in the best situation for your learning needs.

How to study online

If you happen to be fortunate enough to live in a community that has a community college you should really make the time in your schedule to check and see what kind of classes they can offer that can help you advance your education and your career. You might be amazed at the different types of courses you can take even on the community college level. I know that I have found some of the courses that are offered and the degree of learning that takes place to be quite impressive. I think that many people who have in the past disregarded the important role that community colleges play in providing an affordable venue for learning will be quite amazed as well.

Community colleges have an undeserved reputation for inferiority when this could not be further from the truth. A good many of the nations nurses are products of community college educations. In many states, the associates degree nursing programs are quite rigorous and provide more clinical experience than most bachelor’s degree nursing programs. This means that students graduating nursing school with an associates degree in nursing are often better prepared to deal with patient care than those who have the ‘superior degree’. This by no means is meant to disparage B. S. Nursing students at all. In fact, most hospitals will not even consider you a candidate for an administrative nursing position unless you have the Bachelor’s degree. This is only meant to point out that associates degree programs can be quite competitive and inclusive despite common misconceptions.

Of course there are other benefits to learning on the community college level, at least for the first two years of your education. One of those benefits that speaks volumes to me is the fact that teachers in community colleges are dedicated to teaching. They are not working on their own research or books. They are there for the purpose of helping you achieve your goals, which means you aren’t an interruption in their pursuit of their own goals.

Community colleges also offer an excellent buffer for students who may not have been on top of their game academically in high school or those who are returning to college after a long absence from academia. You won’t find the large auditorium classes on the community college level that major universities are famous for offering. You also won’t find that teachers do not have time for their students. There is a lower teacher to student ratio in community colleges so that professors will have time to address the needs of students.


Driving Traffic with Instagram, Too late to the party?

Multi-Color_Logo_thumbnail200A big concern for advertisers is that they are too late to start on Instagram. Instagram is a relatively new kid on the social media block, but it’s not too late to get started. If you’re unsure because you don’t know what Instagram is, that’s fine too. In a sentence: It’s where the world shares the photos that inspire them.

Here are the quick steps You need to take to get your business on Instagram.

  1. Download the Instagram App on your smartphone. It’s free. It’s quick.
  2. Create a profile for your Business. If you have a personal Instagram account you will be creating a second account using your business email address.
  3. Add your business logo to the profile pic.
  4. Post your first photo using your smartphone.
  5. Link your Facebook Business page to your Instagram Account- go to your Facebook Business Page and choose settings, click Instagram Account and connect! Have trouble?  Check out this Facebook Help File.
  6. Now dust off your lap top or desktop computer and login to Facebook Ads Manager. Yes you read that right. Open Facebook Ads Manager. The secret is out, Facebook owns Instagram!
  7. Now click on Power Editor.  If your using something other than Google Chrome, shame on you!  No don’t worry Facebook will someday be compatible with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explore.  It’s just not today.
  8. Click create Campaign, choose Website Clicks, App Installs or Video.
  9. Create an ad set, now Facebook will ask you to choose your Facebook Page or Instagram Account.
  10. Choose your audience.  Now choose Instagram under Placement.  You will need to remove all those troubling Facebook Placements until Facebook allows for combined targeting.
  11. Create an Ad!  Unlike Facebook, Instagram has a text limit of 175 characters, add a hashtag. (#hashtagstheyarethepoundsymboloftheinternet).
  12. Add a photo! The best image is going to be one that shows your product clearly and without a lot of distractions.
  13. You will want to add your website url.  Use the url to the product in the your photo. People don’t like to search for things!
  14. Click Upload on Power Editor.


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