Driving Traffic with Instagram, Too late to the party?

Multi-Color_Logo_thumbnail200A big concern for advertisers is that they are too late to start on Instagram. Instagram is a relatively new kid on the social media block, but it’s not too late to get started. If you’re unsure because you don’t know what Instagram is, that’s fine too. In a sentence: It’s where the world shares the photos that inspire them.

Here are the quick steps You need to take to get your business on Instagram.

  1. Download the Instagram App on your smartphone. It’s free. It’s quick.
  2. Create a profile for your Business. If you have a personal Instagram account you will be creating a second account using your business email address.
  3. Add your business logo to the profile pic.
  4. Post your first photo using your smartphone.
  5. Link your Facebook Business page to your Instagram Account- go to your Facebook Business Page and choose settings, click Instagram Account and connect! Have trouble?  Check out this Facebook Help File.
  6. Now dust off your lap top or desktop computer and login to Facebook Ads Manager. Yes you read that right. Open Facebook Ads Manager. The secret is out, Facebook owns Instagram!
  7. Now click on Power Editor.  If your using something other than Google Chrome, shame on you!  No don’t worry Facebook will someday be compatible with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explore.  It’s just not today.
  8. Click create Campaign, choose Website Clicks, App Installs or Video.
  9. Create an ad set, now Facebook will ask you to choose your Facebook Page or Instagram Account.
  10. Choose your audience.  Now choose Instagram under Placement.  You will need to remove all those troubling Facebook Placements until Facebook allows for combined targeting.
  11. Create an Ad!  Unlike Facebook, Instagram has a text limit of 175 characters, add a hashtag. (#hashtagstheyarethepoundsymboloftheinternet).
  12. Add a photo! The best image is going to be one that shows your product clearly and without a lot of distractions.
  13. You will want to add your website url.  Use the url to the product in the your photo. People don’t like to search for things!
  14. Click Upload on Power Editor.


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